Baptism Guidelines: 

All of the following must be done prior to date of Baptism

1.)  Parents must be registered members of St. Mary's Catholic Church. Parents may come to the parish office to register. 

2.)  Parents must come to parish office and fill out Baptism registration for and provide their child's legal birth certificate.

       NOTE: If your child is over 5 years of age, then you must set up an appointment with the parish priest before a baptism 

       an be scheduled for you child. You may call the church office to set up an appointment. 

3.)  Parents & Godparents must attend Baptism Class prior to Baptism. If either the parents or godparents have attended 

      a Baptism class within prior 2 years, then they would need to provide verification of attendance to this class such as a 

      certificate to our office.

4.)  Godparent(s) can be single person or married couple. If they are single, they must be confirmed. If the godparents are

       married, they must be married through the Catholic church and must provide a marriage certificate as verification. 

        Each Godparent(s) must also complete a Baptism Sponsor Covenant form. 



Requirements for Baptism:  

Parents and God Parents must attend a Baptismal Orientation Class before the date of the baptism and complete Baptismal forms.

Please call the Parish office @ 979-279-2233 for class dates in English and Spanish.